Beginning the story of “The Burning of The Piping Rock”

Welcome to my WordPress site for my new novel, The Burning of The Piping Rock! It has been printed and is, at the moment, being sold in one bookstore, the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT. Go to this url: and search on The Burning of The Piping Rock.

The book is also available by writing me. Click on the Contact tab above and send me a line. The book is priced at $10.95 per copy plus $3.50 shipping and handling for the first copy. Add $0.50 for each additional copy. [New York State residents please note:  you must pay your local sales tax on the combined purchase and shipping fees.]

The Burning of The Piping Rock is difficult to place in one genre, historical fiction, mystery. I find myself describing it as a “film noir in a book.” Set in the late 1940s and early 1950s, it is about a particular and peculiar time of history in post World War II America, when the sins of the `Twenties and `thirties were coming home to roost. It is based upon an actual crime, the 1954  arson of the Piping Rock Casino, a mob-controlled casino that had as much to do with America’s social elite, as it did with the Mafia. The novel’s setting is Saratoga Springs, New York, one of the most congenial sites in the 1940s for every sort of graft and corruption the human race thrives on.

For those who like historical novels, this is definitely in that genre. It is a work of fiction solidly based on  the history of the Saratoga Springs region in the post World War II era, as well as on the personal history of one of its two lead characters. Also, it reads like a mystery because there are several mysteries contained within it. For those who are ardent mystery readers, it is not a tidy detective novel, whodunit or cozy.

Writing the book was a mixture of exhilaration and acute anxiety, which I’ll discuss more in the coming posts.

In the meantime,  grab a smoke, mix yourself a drink and keep one eye on this spot–and the other eye looking over your shoulder.



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