The Burning of The Piping Rock is available for you to read!

My new novel, The Burning of The Piping Rock, has been printed and is available. Check out my other pages for more details.

This is my first novel, but there is so much pure history in it, some of which has never been in a book before. My family had lived in Saratoga Springs, NY during the late 1940s and early 1950s during which time my father had run MacFinn’s Drugstore. His boss was among those at the center of the gambling, casinos and other mob-related activities and my father was involved.

He shared his memories of those times and I embedded those recollections in my mind. It was difficult to write this. It called for revealing hush-hush things about my father only spoken about in our family–sometimes rarely even shared among everyone in the family. However, I was able to weave a great deal of other parts of his life in this, so that a fuller picture of him has been realized.

That’s it for now. I hope you will read my novel and enjoy it. Thanks.


3 responses to “The Burning of The Piping Rock is available for you to read!

  1. where can i purchase my copy?


  2. Where can I buy your book – Amazon doesn’t list it yet.


    • Hi Carolyn!

      Thanks for the comment! Click on the tab “Who Carries the Book?” and it will give you who carries the book as of now, as well as offering the opportunity to buy it from me. (See the bottom of that page.) It would be $10.95 + your local sales tax and $3.50 shipping and handling from me. For you, as a fellow NY Stater, it would be cheaper to go through Northshire Bookstore, which is in Vermont. NO NY Sales tax!

      I’m working on getting it on Amazon.

      How are you?



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