Am hearing from friends who are reading the book

Friends who have been reading the book have been honest in letting me know their feelings. So far, it has been positive. Having written other things that have had less than positive responses (translation=”Having written other things that were hated . . .”) I am prepared for possible “slings and arrows.”

However, my greatest concern has resulted from my use of my own father, George A. King, as one of the two main characters in the novel. While my portrayal of the depth of his involvement in the Piping Rock arson is fictional, there are many historical aspects of the book that are true, that did involve him, and that are less than pleasant to relate–much less to read. For many who knew him, it will seem impossible that he could have had any involvement with the gaming houses and other related activities run by the Saratoga machine, the mob and the other substantial citizens. But he did work for James A. Leary and he was involved. Those of us in the family knew. But for those who did not know his full history, my father was a complicated man with many secrets.


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