Reading of “Piping Rock” novel at Spring Street Gallery

The Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs has invited me me to give a reading from my novel, The Burning of The Piping Rock, on the evening of May 23, 2011. (110 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, NY; phone: 518-587-6433)

This all began with a call from Amy Godine, asking if I would give a reading from my novel. I was very flattered, as Amy is a historian, folklorist and author! [see Adirondack Odyssey.]

Perhaps after the reading I’ll have the time to answer some questions about what is truth and what is fiction in the novel. Plus have the opportunity to give people an idea of how my father’s connection with MacFinn’s was so nearly lethal for my family. And that would be the truth–no fiction.

Hope to see you there!



3 responses to “Reading of “Piping Rock” novel at Spring Street Gallery

  1. N. Abbott-Hourigan

    So glad that you’re doing a reading and I wish I could be there but a little too far from here on a Monday evening! Break a leg!


    • Thanks, Nan! Burlington to Saratoga and back? OMG, yes!

      I’m planning to read from the beginning, preface, then first chapter. But I’m trying figure out how much to read. Never having done this before, I would like to ensure I entertain people, not bore them to tears.



  2. N. Abbott-Hourigan

    Time it for 15 minutes, max. And have Sara or someone video it for me? : )
    I hope Lynda will go, she can report back to me. But then I’ll be totally jealous that she got to be there and I didn’t.


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