Spring Street Reading Series – Poster

The Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs has created this poster for its Reading Series:

I’ll be reading from my novel, The Burning of The Piping Rock, on the evening of May 23, 2011. (110 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, NY; phone: 518-587-6433)


6 responses to “Spring Street Reading Series – Poster

  1. N. Abbott-Hourigan

    We don’t see the poster!


    • Oh dear! I can see it when I go to the site (https://pipingrock.wordpress.com/)–and, actually, i see two of them. I uploaded one but didn’t understand how to activate its being seen. So I uploaded another and, when I found the activation mechanism, ended up with two, without being able to remove one of them. I’m mystified. I just tried accessing this site from Internet Explorer (I use Firefox) and saw the opening page with the images of the poster. Can you try again?


  2. You still have to sign my copy, when I get it out of Carole’s hand 🙂


  3. N. Abbott-Hourigan

    You’re not only a genius writer… you did something right, and now I see the posters. 🙂 and I love the poster design, too. I love that you’re giving a reading on May 23.


    • Glad you can see it now! But I must confess that I wrote the WordPress support crew and they did it! I am getting better at working the site, but need more practice.

      I’m excited about the reading. I’m either going to start at beginning or way into the book and give an explanation about where the characters are at that moment.


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