Seeking ideas for reaching summer audience

Could I get your advice about promoting The Burning of The Piping Rock? It’s “The Season” in Saratoga Springs and I’m seeking ways to make racing aficionados and other summer visitors aware of my novel. Any suggestions? Thanks!

By the way, The Burning of The Piping Rock is in its second week in a row on The Post-Star’s Local Best-Seller list! [Click here to see.]

Look forward to hearing from you!



2 responses to “Seeking ideas for reaching summer audience

  1. Is there a local bookstore there? And of course do they have your book for sale? If not set up your own little ‘book stand’. Then of course you have to have posters, signs. little notes left in local restaurants, cafes, gift shops, etc. Entice them with “were your parents here then?” ‘Who did your family know in the mob?’, ‘aaahh, the good old days’, ‘who did set the fire?’, again with the etc…..


  2. Hey Cuz Jo,
    Sorry to be so late in reply! Sara saw your message and thought you some other woman! Thank you for the great ideas! I have the book in local bookstores, have done a reading, and, of course, post on this site. I’m using your post for the basis of my next post!


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