Fathers Day photos from Piping Rock

USN Lt. George A. King on deck of his PT Boat; South Pacific late 1944

George A. King, the narrator in The Burning of The Piping Rock mystery novel was a real person—and he was my father. These photos are of him when he was USN Lt. George A. King, PT Boat commander in World War II in the South Pacific. The first is of him in late 1944 on deck of one of the two PT Boats he commanded—I’m assuming PT 27. The location is unknown. The second is of him in the Officers’ Quarters in Pearl City, Hawaii, 1944. The last is of him in Pearl City, Hawaii, late 1944. (I always refer to Dad by his last awarded service rank of full lieutenant.) In the coming days, I’ll post more shots of him, my mother and others mentioned in the book. A Happy Father’s Day to the memory of my late father and to all who are lucky enough to be fathers!

USN Lt. George A. King in Officer’s Quarters Pearl City Hawaii 1944

USN Lt. George A. King (l) in Officer’s Quarters Pearl City Hawaii 1944

USN Lt. George A. King – Pearl City Hawaii late 1944

8 responses to “Fathers Day photos from Piping Rock

  1. Nan Abbott-Hourigan

    Oh,Joe, these photos of your dad are wonderful! Happy Father’s Day to George!


  2. Thanks, Nan! I have so many good shots of him and his crew. I’m looking for a way to share them online with anyone who might have been on board one of his boats. –Joe


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  5. Dale E. Smith

    It would be great to see more pictures of George and his PT crew. He use to tell me how Jack Kennedy had bunked above him during PT training. George was my preceptor for two years in Ticonderoga. He taught me a lot about how to care for people. I remember your mom working for Dr. Glavin. Your parents were great people. I would appreciate any info you could pass on about your dad’s PT days. It seems he always had a new story every day! He even told me about the other use for cellophane wrapping paper!


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