Update on exhibition “A View From the Backstretch”

Here’s an update about the post I did yesterday on the exhibition A View From the Backstretch, by photographer Dona Ann McAdams. It’s the one that opens today (November 2) at the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center in Burlington, Vermont.

Let clarify that has that it has photography by both Dona Ann McAdams and the backstretch family—that is, the people who work in the backstretch at Saratoga Race Course. The show features McAdams’ black and white silver gelatin photographs and a collection of color photos taken by seven backstretch workers.

And for your “pink sheet” on A View From the Backstretch  click here! The link will take you to the page about the exhibition. Thanks!


4 responses to “Update on exhibition “A View From the Backstretch”

  1. Thanks for updating the piece, Joe! Nice opening last evening but no one from Saratoga area came up (!) – except 2 of the backstretch worker/photographers, Heather Coots and Louie Garcia. It was the most amazing treat to meet and talk to them. We are having another event in January and hope to have a couple more of the photographers in attendance to discuss the project, and Dona will do a walkthrough and discussion. Will be another great evening in the gallery.


  2. You silly man! Everyone knows how to find the BTV! It’s the most happening place north of NYC! Come up sometime and see for yourself. 🙂


    • Why, Lovely Lady, of course, I agree! Those of us “in the know” certainly can always find it! But, there can be a tendency among some of those who come from towns that have names ending in “oga” (I can think of two, for starters) to have a hard time finding our way to other places. 🙂


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