“Kaufman’s Barber Shop” at Shakespeare & Co. – a MUST SEE!

Shakespeare & Co.

Page from Shakespeare & Company's 2013-2014 Season Playbill.

Page from Shakespeare & Company’s 2013-2014 Season Playbill.

Kaufman’s Barber Shop by playwright Bob Sugarman is a “MUST SEE!” Produced by the renowned  Shakespeare & Company, and directed by Regge Life, Kaufman’s Barber Shop will be playing until September 1. Set in a barber shop in 1925, the play is actually performed in a real barber shop—Upstreet Barbers in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. To watch Kaufman’s Barber Shop while sitting in this period barber shop is to BE in 1925 Syracuse, NY with the play’s characters. We loved it! Thank you and congratulations, Bob Sugarman, for an engrossing and moving play!

For more information about Kaufman’s Barber Shop and about performance dates and ticket sales, click on: Kaufman’s Barber Shop. You’ll love it!


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