Thank you, Flo Hayle!

It’s amazing the people you can meet on a plane!

Actor and Singer Florence Hayle

Actor and Singer Florence Hayle

And recently, I met a wonderful person named Florence Hayle! In January Sara and I flew out of Albany Airport for the Florida Panhandle. We sat on opposite sides of the aisle and I found myself a seat away from a lovely lady named Florence Hayle—whose stage name is Flo Hayle. As we talked, I discovered that the lady is an actor, singer, and director, who has performed on Broadway and regional theatre, in commercials, and—well, you name it!

Florence Hayle is something else! Here’s what Kyle Adams wrote in the Catskill Register about a recent performance Flo Hayle gave in Catskill, NY:

Hayle . . . has a long history in show business. She performed in the Steve Allen musical Sophie, she’s directed and produced in New York City, played in “just about every club in the city,” and starred in too many commercials to remember now. She currently hosts Clear Channel Radio’s “Arts Alive Etcetera” interview program. She’ll be celebrating her 84th birthday tomorrow and said she has no intention of retiring.”

And did I mention that she’s an inspiration? Don’t tell Flo Hayle you’re blaming your inactivity on old age!

I told Flo that I’d published a mystery novel, The Burning of The Piping Rock and she graciously offered to interview me for her “Arts Alive Etcetera” radio show (Clear Channel Radio FM 93.5 radio, a Catskill, NY station). Flo’s interview aired Sunday, April 6, 2014. (And a special thank you to her. I enjoyed it so much! I’ve asked Flo if it would be possible to get a podcast of it to post. Stay tuned!)

Some other “notes” about singer and actor Florence Hayle. There are sweet coincidences that occur in life. You read above that Flo Hayle was on Broadway in the play, Sophie, Steve Allen’s musical about the early years of that great American chanteuse, Sophie Tucker. Tucker was among the many Broadway greats who performed at Piping Rock Casino in Saratoga Springs in those crazy years after WW II. Flo’s eyes lit up when I said I had specially mentioned Tucker in The Burning of The Piping Rock. A special connection was made.

Flo returned to the stage at age 82, starring in “Senior Moments” at Jay Kerr’s Fort Salem Theater in Salem, NY. Jay Kerr, a noted composer and lyricist, is also Flo Hayle’s music coach. She is now working with Kerr for an upcoming musical revue she’ll be doing in Catskill, NY, to benefit the historic Beattie-Powers Place. Let us know when the box office opens, Flo!

If you didn’t already know Flo Hayle, I’m glad, as a new fan in her legion of fans, to have the opportunity to introduce you.

And, let me “sign off” here by saying:  So, to Flo from Joe, a big hello and an even bigger thank you!


Flo Hayle of Clear Channel Radio
Flo Hayle of Clear Channel Radio
Flo Hayle of Clear Channel Radio

2 responses to “Thank you, Flo Hayle!

  1. I had the very same reaction to meeting Flo Hayle. She is volunteering at the Greene County Council on the Arts and still kicking ass (as we say in NYC). We were attending the reception of a sculpture event entitled “Burnt Offerings”. Very well organized and utterly intriguing. Fred Adell is featuring a sculpture inspired by the recent euthanizing of a giraffe (“Marius”) in the Copenhagen Zoo.

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  2. Thanks, Babette. I am going to go down to Catskill to see Flo in her show this fall. Hope to meet you there. Flo is so engaging and vibrant. And, yes, definitely still kicking ass (as we say in this part of Upstate).


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