From The Post-Star to Self-Published: Four Journalists Talk About Their Books

Clockwise from upper left: David Blow, Michael DeMasi, Joseph Cutshall-King, and Maury Thompson

Journalists, writers, authors of books—and those aspiring to be! Ever wonder what it’s like to be a journalist for a daily newspaper? Ever think of self-publishing your own book, but wonder how?
Then attend “From The Post-Star to Self-Published: Four Journalists Talk About Their Books,” a panel discussion on journalism, writing, and self-publishing.
     It will be at Crandall Public Library on Saturday, September 28, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. It’s free.
     Who’s on the panel? Four authors who have both written for The Post-Star and self-published their own books: David Blow, Michael DeMasi, Maury Thompson, and yours truly. We four are pleased to report that Bob Condon, City Editor of The Post-Star, will be the moderator. Bob was editor of each of us at various times, so you’ll get that dynamic of newspaper work. He is a wonderful editor.
    What are we are going to cover? Bob will ask us to discuss how, when and why we self-published our books; what we learned about the process; and our advice for others who want to do the same thing.
     Any other topics? Yes! Bob will lead discussion on the our experiences writing for newspapers; how journalism has changed over the years; advice for aspiring journalists; and predictions for the future of the newspaper industry.
     Can the audience ask questions? Yes! There will be a Question & Answer period for the audience. We want your questions!
     After the Q&A? Then we authors will hold a book signing for those interested in purchasing copies of our books.
     Here’s some information on the authors:
   David Blow is a 30-year, award winning journalist and 15-year Castleton University Media and Communication professor. Dave wrote for The Post-Star for 15 years before starting his career teaching at Castleton University in Vermont. He still contributes to The Post-Star. In recent years, he has won Associated Press first place awards for investigative reporting of both Whitehall’s Amish community and the impact locally of undocumented immigrants. He self-published his book, Blow by Blow: A Quarter Century of Voices from my Notebook.
     Michael DeMasi has been a newspaper reporter in the Greater Capital Region for more than 25 years. He started his career at The Post-Star writing feature stories and covering city hall, and then was a reporter at The Daily Gazette in Schenectady. Since 2005 Mike has reported for the Albany Business Review. He recently self-published What They Said: 25 Years of Telling Stories, a collection of his favorite stories about “CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, gadflies, artists, teachers, clergy, police, prisoners,” and more.
   Maury Thompson was a reporter and columnist for The Post-Star for 21 years before he retired in September 2017 to pursue an “encore career” as a free-lance writer specializing in the history of politics, labor organizing and media in New York’s North County. Maury still contributes to The Post-Star. A published author of two books, his most recent is his The Animated Feather Duster: Slow News Day Tales of the Legendary Facial Hair of Charles Evans Hughes, self-published in 2018. He is now working on a documentary about Hughes.
     Joseph Cutshall-King first wrote a local history column for The Post-Star from 1975 to 1985, as Director of the Chapman Historical Museum. I returned to The Post-Star from 1994 to 2003 with “Over My Shoulder,” a weekly column of regional history, commentary and personal reminiscences. In the late 1990s, I was also a Post-Star correspondent. Since retirement in 2012, as SUNY Adirondack‘s VP for Institutional Advancement, I’ve dedicated myself to writing. The author of six books, most recently I self-published Over My Shoulder: A Collection of “Over My Shoulder” and “Passed Times” Columns published in The Post-Star from 1994-2003; Volume 1: 1994-1997.
     For more information on “From The Post-Star to Self-Published: Four Journalists Talk About Their Books,” visit the Crandall Public Library website.

See you there!

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